Bridgewood Manor

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Bridgewood Manor
Near Bluebell Hill
Walderslade Woods
United Kingdom

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Meeting Rooms

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Hogarth Suite (2 configurations)
Hythe Suite
Hythe Suite 2
Rochester Suite
Chatham Suite
Hythe Suite 1
Hythe Suite 1 & 2
Maidstone Suite
Marston Suite
Stratford Suite

Move your mouse over any of the meeting rooms listed on the left to see a brief description here.

This information includes:

The capacity of the room for the layouts offering the smallest and largest values for that room.

The charge for hiring on a room-only basis for a full day (if this is offered).

The floor area of the room in square metres and square feet.

You can click on a room name on the left to view more details.

Where a room can be split into sub-rooms, clicking on the room name causes the sub-room configurations to be listed.

Bridgewood Manor, Near Bluebell Hill, Walderslade Woods, Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom

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